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Hear music you would never hear otherwise alongside the fun of such contrasting cultures competeing at the World Cup, even if you ‘hate’ football…

World Cup Of Music 2014

The World Cup of Music is a competition between real songs (not corporate pop) from each nation competing in the Football World Cup.

There’s still time to send your music to represent your country – or to advocate music.

Each country has a “Squad” of music acts and their work (see below). Every match is then decided BY MUSIC from the countries involved (note: Each act can only appear once in the group, and once in the knock-out, stages.
Games will be “played” LIVE on Radio23 and podcasted (RSS)-Subscribe for free here or embed/listen at podomatic

The results will of course be more important than the actual football matches…
Who decides who wins? You will be able to vote (@worldcupofmusic & email
& more) and there will be a panel & ultimately – The Judge of Panels… not Mr. Blatter

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