World Cup of Music 2014 Final! Vote open for 32 hours


It’s Colombia verses  Belgium for teh World Cup Of Music 2014!

Hear podcast! Or listen/embed here! Get the DAY-To-DAY music/football expert commentary at Louder Than War!

and the 3rd/4th playoff – Who made it? Colombia and Japan were the favourites after bigger music nations eliminated. Ghana fought hard but the Meridian Brothers steamroller rolls on… and Japan – My last pick faced the scrape-through specialist Belgium who did it again! Your votes fluctuated evenly to leave it to penalties and Belgium face Colombia in the final –

Listen and vote here – before the end of the ‘football world cup support cast event … then we’ll have a special results show on live  YOU Decide

Vote your score for each game or song  (2-1, 1-1 x wins on pens etc…) by Tweet @worldcupofmusic or email – Voting for these games is OPEN up until the final whistle of the football world cup (see above)

You can get podcasts up to six months back for free so please Donate! Cheers.

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:02 ?SEXY??????????????CUM ????????? DICK 2: ??????? #Ghana 2014
4:25 ???? Tritoma Spice ∞g∞≈∞E∞• #Japan 2013
3:50 gorge_me_crazy Sovyetskiy Brezhnev #Japan 2012
5:24 Jerry Hansen Sisi Mi Black Man’s Cry: The Inspiration Of Fela Kuti #Ghana-Stones Throw 2010
3:40 Shacalao Cumbia Moderna de Soledad Black Man’s Cry: The Inspiration Of Fela Kuti #Colombia-Stones Throw 2010
3:01 //F//T//S// Jean D.L. QRD – The Guitarists #Belgium 2014
3:24 She Gets All That She Wants Ignatz God Damn, I Hate The Blues #Belgium 2012
5:30 Jefe Indio Vengará Meridian Brothers Salvadora Robot #Colombia-Soundway 2014

Hear The Music!


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