World Cup of Music: Semi-Final Results


Ghana vs Colombia…. Japan vs Belgium… RESULTS!Semi final results

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
5:24 Rumba Bacana (Nickodemus Mix) Pernett Wonderwheel Spins in 2012 #Colombia-Wonderwheel Recordings 2012
3:30 Goal Wanlov the Kubolor Yellow Card #Ghana-Pidgen Music 2010
4:23 Wicked Leaders King Ayisoba #Ghana 0
5:41 Somos Los Residentes Meridian Brothers Salvadora Robot #Colombia-Soundway 2014
3:16 A Fluffing Distortion Plane Atomic Orchestra Thanks For The Add #Japan 2011
3:03 Maggots SICK STATE PARADISE EP #Belgium-zprecords 2014
5:02 Avarus Et Prodicus Solar Skeletons Limbus subliM #Belgium-Solis Kanones 2011
5:34 Static Method hanali – Promo – #Japan 2013

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