World Cup of Music: Q Finals 1 & 2: Podcast+Vote-OPEN-2 days only


Hear podcast! Or listen/embed here! Get the DAY-To-DAY music/football expert commentary at Louder Than War!

Can Colombia succeed where their football team failed verses Spain, And can Netherlands repel Japan’s head of stream? YOU Decide

Vote your score for each game or song  (2-1, 1-1 x wins on pens etc…) by Tweet @worldcupofmusic or email – Voting for these games is OPEN for TWO-three days only.

You can get podcasts up to six months back for free so please Donate! Cheers.

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:10 Spanish Castles in Space Romantic Mix The Superfools The Orb Remixes #Spain 2012
6:59 Muévelo Negro Quantic & Nidia Góngora Muévelo Negro / Ñanguita #Colombia-Tru Thoughts Records 2013
4:41 Salvadora Robot Meridian Brothers Salvadora Robot #Colombia-Soundway 2014
7:17 A Track Electronischebasisgeluide Contest Contributions #Spain-La Boite A Sons 2011
2:15 Conquer Cancer Katadreuffe Period #Netherlands-Narrominded 2011
4:04 Burritoooo M.C.L.C & Dr.$NAKE Burritoooo EP #Japan – Bandcamp 2013
5:39 Hyakki Yakou (Original Mix) Haioka Rei Row EP #Japan-Emerald and Doreen 2014
3:16 Blackballed Jonas Disc Jockey #Netherlands: CC/FMA 2013

Hear The Music!


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