World Cup of Music: KO 16(day2): Podcast+Vote-OPEN-2 days only


Hear podcast! Or listen/embed here! Get the DAY-To-DAY music/football expert commentary at Louder Than War!

It’s Netherlands vs Croatia & Costa Rica vs Japan

Vote your score for each game or song  (1-1, 4-3 etc…) by Tweet @worldcupofmusic or email – Voting for these games is OPEN for TWO days only.

You can get podcasts up to six months back for free so please Donate! Cheers.

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year score
3:59 Navels (ft. Frietboer and Ho˝sno˝k) Weerthof Disc Jockey #Netherlands-esc.rec. 2013
2:54 This is Croatia Ovo je Hrvatska #Croatia 0
4:34 When I’m Gone Lovely Quinces No Room For Us #Croatia-Self Release 2013
5:41 The Fix Xaf Disc Jockey #Netherlands: esc.rec. 2013
5:04 Rare Nostalghia i.N.R.i Cuentos de las 12 notas #Costa Rica-Bandcamp 2014
3:35 Operate At Your Optimum (Ft. Atsuhiro Ito) Diamond Version CI #Japan-Mute 2014
4:12 Yanglian: yangri-mongoli gorge anan new gorge quartet Gorge was Gorge #Japan 2012
4:42 Fugaz Hermano Ceiba – single – #Costa Rica-Bandcamp 2014

Hear The Music!


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