World Cup of Music: Day 15: RESULTS – USA in? OUT?

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VOTING CLOSED: 2010 World CUp of Music winners are…

USA 3 – 2 Germany
Portugal 1 – 2 Ghana
USA victory not enough:
WCofM Group G

And Another big nation bites the dust! Russia win but Algeria top group.
South Korea 1 – 3 Belgium
Algeria 0 – 2 Russia
WCofM Group H
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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year score
3:49 Conecting People Diamond Version CI #Germany-Mute 2014
3:56 No End Dan Melchior The Backward Path #USA-Northern Spy 2012
3:57 Powerdrill Mass Disorder The Way To Our End #Portugal-Bandcamp 2014
3:12 Ghana Expo Nana Ampadu Vol 1 #Ghana 0
3:27 Stin Ypoga Ignatz On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, and Salt #Belgium 2012
2:58 The Barley Field Cho, Kyoung/Nah, Kyung-eun Korean Art Songs #S.Korea-Centaur Records 2013
4:25 Altai Krai Olga Bell Krai #Russia-New Amsterdam 2014
3:56 Lamma bada Lena Chamamyan #Algeria 0

Hear The Music!

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