World Cup of Music: Day 13: England OUT! Results + Tables C & D

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Group C: Colombia march on despite defeat to Japan who qualify:
Japan 4 – 2 Colombia
Greece 0 – 1 Ivory Coast
WCofM Group C
Group D: England, runners up in 2010 are, amazingly, out!
Italy 1 – 0 Uruguay
Costa Rica 2 – 1 England
WCofM Group D
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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year score
7:02 Muévelo Negro ft. Nidia Góngora Quantic Magnetica #Colombia-Tru Thoughts Records 2014
3:58 Aciden Gorgen hanali Gorge was Gorge #Japan 2012
3:16 Penda Baba Gallé Kanté “Sumu à Paris” #Côte d’Ivoire 2013
3:13 Empty Eyes Plastic Flowers Empty Eyes #Greece-Manic Pop! 2012
4:43 Nectar On Your Lips Spiritual Front Open Wounds #Italy-Mannequin Records 2014
1:52 obtusalén leandro dansilio #Uruguay 2014
3:52 No Mistakes Paul Banks Banks #England-Matador Records 2012
3:46 Grafitti sobre un puente de la serie Mala Fe Otto Castro Solano #Costa Rica-Bandcamp 2006

Hear The Music!

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