World Cup of Music: Day 12: Results + Tables A & B

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Group A: Brazil’s big win not enough!
Cameroon 2 – 5 Brazil
Croatia 1 – 2 Mexico
WCofM Group A
Group B: Australia sunk!!
Australia 1 – 2 Spain
Netherlands 5 – 3 Chile
WCofM Goup B

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year score
3:07 3+downtuned snare tingy ride drums down Pants Down Sailor shit-eye CDR #Cameroon 2014
3:18 Little Waltz (Eletrovalsa meio francesa quase que totalmente por acaso e feita meio que por um engano total) André TN Sardao A Pack of Songs #Brazil 2013
2:45 Sengvic´ i budin u 4 i 20 Valentino Boskovic VSSR #Croatia 2014
4:08 In The Pines Renee Mooi & Todd Clouser My Paper Bones #Mexico 2014
3:35 Transistor Resistor Ollo Ape Delay #Australia-Metal Postcard 2012
3:09 Abnormal Obsessive Hatred CRUCIFUCK Übermensch #Spain-Death To Music 2011
4:34 Gracias a la vida Violetta Parra Las Últimas Composiciones #Chile 2010
2:24 Awaken Scape Weerthof Out Of Control #Netherlands-esc.rec. 2013

Hear The Music!

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