World Cup of Music: Day 11: RESULTS-shock USA held

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Voting’s over – music entries in table below.
USA 2 – 2 Portugal
Belgium 3 – 1 Russia
South Korea 1 – 4 Algeria

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year score
3:38 Blood Will Run Black Pus Split LP #USA-Thrill Jockey 0
4:19 When Conspiracy Theories Become Mainstream Stealing Orchestra Deliverance #Portugal-You Are Not Stealing Records 2013
2:45 Two Guitars Balalaika Ensemble Wolga Best of Russian Folk Songs #Russia-ARC Music 2014
4:28 Candy In A Jar (featuring Kamilsky) Solar Skeletons Necroethyl #Belgium-Rockerill Records 2010
2:15 Sad love Story/Digimon adventures Dezd Namida no Yukue #SouthKorea 2014
4:17 Ahla Sahla Maurice el Medioni #Algeria 0

Hear The Music!

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