World Cup of Music: Day 10: RESULTS!

A four year old boy at soccer practiceGet the podcast! Or listen/embed here! Or get the DAY-To-DAY music/football expert commentry at Louder Than War!

Voting now closed – see scores in Table below!

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year score
3:04 Milonga de la Anunciacion Marcela Arroyo New Tango Songbook #Argentina-Solo Musica 2014 1
7:25 Ey Iran Mohammad Khakpour #Iran 0 3
3:11 LOW Young Fathers LOW Single #Nigeria-Anticon/Big Dada 2013 3
5:03 Sedam Plavi Orkestar Sedam Dallas Records 2012 0
5:24 Sipian Organ Jan St. Werner Blaze Colour Burn #Germany 2013 4
2:39 WFMU Freestyle Blitz The Ambassador Live at WFMU on Put the Needle on the Record 8/13/10 #Ghana 2010 2

Hear The Music!

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