World Cup of Music: Day 9: Results (Swiss Recovery!)

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Voting now closed – see right column of table below for scores..

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year score
3:08 I Gnomus Federico Colli MUSSORGSKY:Pictures at an Exhibition #Italy-Champs Hill Records 2014 1
4:33 Tule Hermano Ceiba – single – #Costa Rica-Bandcamp 2014 3
7:56 Steve Reich Plaistow Do You Feel Lucky? #Switzerland- Insubordinations 2012 3
3:09 Alsahra Débruit & Alsarah Aljawal #France-Soundway #Sudan 2014 2
3:01 Como Me Gustas Tu Shabakan #Honduras 2013 2
3:42 Imayra Peguche #Ecuador 2013 2

Hear The Music!


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