World Cup of Music: Day 8: RESULTS! Wins for Greece, Colombia & England

WorldCupOfMusic2014 - smlGet the podcast! Or listen/embed here! Or get the latest music/football expert commentry at Louder Than War!

Voting closed Results in table below.

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year score
4:49 Pa La Escuela Nene Geko Jones (Voc. Maria Mulata) Pa La Escuela Nene #Colombia-Dutty Artz 2011 3
5:01 Mama Koumba Kouyaté “Sumu à Paris” #Cotedivoire 2013 2
3:54 No Banned Dubs Lo-Fang Contest Contributions #Greece-La Boite A Sons 2011 2
3:03 Katachi Shugo Tokumaru PV Digest #1: Winter 2014 #Japan-Poly Vinyl 2014 0
5:21 I wanna get high Strudl Von Disphonic Orchestra Strudl #Uruguay-Bandcamp 2014 1
3:21 23 Minore Mane CWK Joynes and Son Ensemble feat. William Sathya On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, and Salt #England-The Great Pop supplement 2012 2

Hear The Music!

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