WCofM: Day 3: Music & RESULTS! Victory for Colombia, Italy, Uruguay

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year score
5:22 There is a tower on that hill Dub Riots Contest Contributions #Greece-La Boite A Sons 2011 1
4:49 Colombia Computer (Zeb’s Cumbia Reggae Mix) Pernett Wonderwheel Spins in 2012 #Colombia-Wonderwheel 2012 3
4:11 Brain Velocity Miguel A. Ruiz Batan Bruits II #Côte d’Ivoire 2014 1
3:12 NiGaiKuSuRi (MOUSOGAS2) M.C.L.C M.C.L.C MP3 #Japan – Bandcamp 2014 1
3:25 I’m So Down Roméo Testa The End #Costa Rica-ATO Records 2013 0
2:07 Le Droit de Vivre Spiri2All EHrZ Konpilazioa #Uruguay 2014 1
4:08 Lady Low Teleman Breakfast Mstrd #England-Moshi Moshi 2014 1
4:44 spugna ebow Adriano Orrù & Mauro Sambo #Italy 2014 2

Hear The Music!


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