Day One WC of MUSIC: Brazil (2) 2 Croatia (1) 2

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Voting for this match is now closed the result of your votes (distilled down) was 2-2

The Music!

Time Song Artist Album Label Year
3:29 No Prego (WCofM 2014 Theme) Cibelle Cibelle 2003
8:45 Walla Market Croatian (Opening Ceremony) elektroproleter Walla Walla Walla 2012
4:46 Sutra cemo pricati Urban & 4 Aquarius Records 0
3:44 Simply Are Arto Lindsay The Encyclopedia of Arto Lindsay Northern-Spy Records 2014
5:34 V838 Monocerotis (Kronos Ref Track) Amon Tobin Pré-release 2013
4:14 Pozuri polako Pridjevi Pridjevi Bandcamp 2014

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